Our Product

Our product is an all-in-one platform for clinical, regulatory and business intelligence

Use an all-in-one platform

Our platform provides industry-validated insights for business, clinical and regulatory intelligence on medical devices innovation approved by regulatory agencies across major markets and data from over 385,000 clinical trials conducted globally.

Save time, money and resources

We are the only portal that combines insights from registries and databases across major markets and delivers insights to your fingertips.

Gain insights not just data

Our platform serves a large audience of multi-functional users. Our AI lets you see inside 40,000+ companies, from new clinical trials, product launches, manufacturing expansion to real world evidence, movements of your competition and your targeted markets.

Geographic Modules

US Module

Over 60 years of historic data, 169,000+ devices and growing everyday

Search by indication and see the genealogy of various devices. All the data is connected from clinical trials to real-world evidence. From high-level overview to intricate details, we have it all.

EU Module

Over 47,000 devices from 1,250 + companies distributed in over 30 countries.

Search by indication and browse devices by legislation and standard. New data is added everyday.

China Module

100,000 + devices, over 20,000 companies in China, and 10 + years of historic data

Enter a completely new market with an advantage — we are the only data provider for this module, which gives you access to first hand insights to a dynamic and exciting market.

Japan Module

110,000 + and close to 6,000 companies in Japan, with over 25 years of historic data

This is the only platform that provides original Japanese translated content! Navigate the Japanese market and reduce the barrier of entry.

Functional Modules

Clinical Trial Module

Over 3 billion words from over 543,000 clinical trials Our Clinical Trial Module provides data and analytics on trial design for all observational, surveillance and randomized clinical trials from over 200 countries.

Other modules coming soon...

Our Product

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Why “NyquistAI”?

Nyquist’s Theorem is a bridge between discrete and continuous time signals. It establishes a sampling rate at which a discrete signal can capture all the information of a continuous signal. It lays the theoretical foundation for digital signal processing and many machine learning tasks that are applied in technology solutions such as NyquistAI.

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