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NyquistMedTech provides comprehensive global clinical, regulatory, and medical device data across key markets, from large markets like the US to emerging markets like China. Our platform incorporates clinical trials contributing to approval success, FDA approval documents, product development roadmap, device genealogy revolution, Posticates for identifying innovators, and insights from adverse event data. With NyquistMed, you’ll gain access to mission-critical insights to accelerate your time-to-market.

Clinical Trial Data

Business Development

Regulatory Approval Planning

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Unparalleled Global Data

global clinical trials

Decode the Global Pipeline for Breakthrough Success

Save time and effort in global trial site research, collection, cleaning, and analysis with our Clinical Trial module. Unlike traditional databases, our AI comprehends context and connects information seamlessly. Forget multiple filters and use natural language search to find trials by indication, technology, patient type, and more.


Plan Your Path to Approval and Save Precious Time

Remove uncertainty and effortlessly estimate clearance timelines for your devices. By leveraging the Review Time feature, you can now benchmark against peers and track timelines for similar devices in your product code, improving your regulatory planning process and saving precious time.


Improve Your Probability of Regulatory Success

Discovering the ideal predicate is paramount for a successful 510(k) clearance. NyquistMed empowers you to uncover predicates effortlessly, whether based on indication, technology, or natural language descriptions, mirroring how your engineering team conveys the product to regulatory authorities.

Experience the Future of Innovation

with Global Intelligence Platform: NyquistMed

product roadmap

Plan Product Development with Confidence

Preparing a PMA can be slow and cumbersome, but not with Product Roadmap. We simplify the collection, analysis, and extraction of precise insights throughout the entire product launch cycle. Gain a comprehensive view of how prior successes expand indications, modify labels, and improve design seamlessly.

similar devices

Automate Competitor Landscape Research

Our AI excels at contextual understanding and connecting the dots. Utilize Similar Devices to assess the competitive landscape and effortlessly discover devices from various sectors that address the same indications. With just one click, our AI instantly presents the top five similar devices based on your query.

adverse events

Discover Important Risk Signals

Browsing the MAUDE adverse event database can be time-consuming and manual. With adverse events, you gain quick access to essential safety data and critical insights, helping you detect significant risk signals, benchmark against peers, and identify trends from vast data.


Discover and Monitor All Possible OEM Facilities

Quickly explore the registered OEM facilities available worldwide. Determine which is best for your device by reviewing product manufacturing history, inspections, citations, or recalls. You can also track your own facilities' inspections and benchmark them against your competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of life sciences, staying ahead means harnessing the power of data. This is where NyquistAI stands out as the quintessential partner for your company. As the sole AI platform specializing in global clinical and regulatory data, NyquistAI offers unparalleled insights and intelligence.

Strategic Advantage:

  • Speed: NyquistAI transforms the way your team accesses information. Decades of data are synthesized in seconds, unveiling insights that were once invisible.
  • Innovation: Originating from Silicon Valley’s elite Google Accelerator, NyquistAI is at the forefront of technological advancement.
  • Global Reach: As a preferred vendor for industry giants like Astellas, Medtronic, and BD, NyquistAI’s reputation is global and trusted.

Operational Excellence:

  • Expertise: By combining subject matter expertise with augmented intelligence, NyquistAI delivers not just data but practical, actionable solutions.
  • Efficiency: Users report that an hour in NyquistAI equals 6-8 hours of traditional research. This efficiency translates to significant cost savings.
  • ROI: With moderate use, NyquistAI’s ROI calculator estimates an annual return of approximately $70-80k per user in time saved.

Your Next Step: Leverage this RFP template to articulate the benefits to your supervisor. With NyquistAI, opportunities that were previously out of reach are now within your grasp. Accelerate your approval process and join the ranks of top innovators who have already embraced the future with NyquistAI, which was previously out of reach.

Please explore our pricing page. Discounts are available for enterprise users.

We offer flexible payment options, including credit card, debit card, bank transfer, and all payment methods accepted by Stripe. Contact [email protected] if you need additional payment support.

You can email [email protected] or use the Live Chat Support function in the platform for support. Available 9am-9pm ET M-F. Any after-hours messages receive replies within 24 hours.

Three times a day globally.

Yes. For entries beyond 300, please contact [email protected].


Founded on Innovation, Built with Passion

NyquistAI is a growing technology company providing an AI-powered solution to transform decades of clinical and regulatory data and documentation into actionable insights for Life Sciences professionals.

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