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Embark on a transformative journey with Nyquist Scholar, revolutionizing your systematic literature reviews (SLRs). Our platform streamlines SLR completion times, optimizing search results and cost-efficiency. Meticulously designed, it empowers pharmaceutical and academic organizations, amplifying productivity and efficiency in SLRs. Nyquist Scholar is the awaited game-changer, leveraging generative AI, revolutionizing your workflow, and boosting efficiency.

Efficient Searching

Streamlined Screening

Effortless Extraction & Reporting

Revolutionize Your Workflow with the Power of AI

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Unlock The Key to Swift and Rigorous SLRs

Nyquist Scholar cuts systematic literature review (SLR) time and cost without compromising rigor. Our AI model reduces screening time by 40-60%, offering logical recommendations for inclusion and exclusion and empowering quick, confident decisions that enhance your scientific impact.

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Optimize Your Literature Research Reports

Conducting literature research demands patience and domain expertise. Nyquist Scholar changes the game by delivering faster reports, reducing the gap between study selection and publication. Inquire about clinical trial endpoints or patient numbers, or simply ask Nyquist Scholar to provide a summary.

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Automated PRISMA Diagrams

Automate PRISMA Charts, Empower Your Research

The PRISMA flow diagram holds vital importance within systematic reviews and meta-analyses, as it is widely recognized as the optimal visual representation of the review process. AI-powered Nyquist Scholar, automates PRISMA flow diagram creation, simplifying your workflow, saving you valuable time and effort.

Dynamic Recommendations

Accelerate Progress with AI Smart Learning

Leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology, Nyquist Score learns from previously included or excluded papers in your project and predicts their likelihood of inclusion. It strategically reorders unreviewed papers, enabling your team to focus on those most likely to be included, thus enhancing efficiency, saving precious time, and boosting productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of life sciences, staying ahead means harnessing the power of data. This is where NyquistAI stands out as the quintessential partner for your company. As the sole AI platform specializing in global clinical and regulatory data, NyquistAI offers unparalleled insights and intelligence.

Strategic Advantage:

  • Speed: NyquistAI transforms the way your team accesses information. Decades of data are synthesized in seconds, unveiling insights that were once invisible.
  • Innovation: Originating from Silicon Valley’s elite Google Accelerator, NyquistAI is at the forefront of technological advancement.
  • Global Reach: As a preferred vendor for industry giants like Astellas, Medtronic, and BD, NyquistAI’s reputation is global and trusted.

Operational Excellence:

  • Expertise: By combining subject matter expertise with augmented intelligence, NyquistAI delivers not just data but practical, actionable solutions.
  • Efficiency: Users report that an hour in NyquistAI equals 6-8 hours of traditional research. This efficiency translates to significant cost savings.
  • ROI: With moderate use, NyquistAI’s ROI calculator estimates an annual return of approximately $70-80k per user in time saved.

Your Next Step: Leverage this RFP template to articulate the benefits to your supervisor. With NyquistAI, opportunities that were previously out of reach are now within your grasp. Accelerate your approval process and join the ranks of top innovators who have already embraced the future with NyquistAI, which was previously out of reach.

Please explore our pricing page. Discounts are available for enterprise users.

We offer flexible payment options, including credit card, debit card, bank transfer, and all payment methods accepted by Stripe. Contact [email protected] if you need additional payment support.

You can email [email protected] or use the Live Chat Support function in the platform for support. Available 9am-9pm ET M-F. Any after-hours messages receive replies within 24 hours.

Three times a day globally.

Yes. For entries beyond 300, please contact [email protected].


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NyquistAI is a growing technology company providing an AI-powered solution to transform decades of clinical and regulatory data and documentation into actionable insights for Life Sciences professionals.

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